Portable OpenRCS


As Ray Lai stated it:

The OpenRCS project was started as a first step toward OpenCVS which will ultimately become a replacement for CVS, solving inherent flaws in the original CVS implementation. OpenRCS aims to be robust, fast and simple.


Like OpenSSH, OpenRCS is developed under and for OpenBSD only. Portable OpenRCS is there to allow non-OpenBSD users to use OpenRCS, instead of RCS.

Portability Status

For now, portable OpenRCS has been successfully ported on:

  • Linux i386/amd64
  • FreeBSD 5.4 i386
  • FreeBSD 6.2 i386
Please try it under other platforms and send me your succes or failure to build it (Patches welcome :)

Download portable OpenRCS

openrcs-20110824192219.tar.gz106878 bytes
openrcs-20080211195755.tar.gz106193 bytes
openrcs-20080210230707.tar.gz106088 bytes
openrcs-20080210172204.tar.gz106082 bytes
openrcs-20080208161129.tar.gz103996 bytes

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