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Here is a list of mascots or animals, which symbolise free software related projects. Some descriptions were taken from Wikipedia articles. If you think I forget a mascot, if you have information about them (name, creator, ...) please send me an email.

GNUGNU mascotThis graphic was drawn by Etienne Suvasa. More information.
GNUGNU mascotThis graphic was drawn by the Nevrax Design Team. More information.
LinuxLinux mascotTux is the official mascot of the Linux operating system, created by Larry Ewing in 1996. See also derived Tux mascots.
OpenBSDOpenBSD mascotPuffy was selected because of the blowfish algorithm used in OpenSSH and the strongly defensive image of the puffer, whose spikes help deter predators. He quickly became very popular, mainly because of the cute image of the fish and his distinction from the beastie used by FreeBSD, the horde of daemons then used by NetBSD and Tux, the Linux penguin. More info on Wikipedia, more pictures, Puffy's posters or T-shirts. See also derived Puffy mascots.
DragonFlyBsdDragonFlyBsd mascotnamed Fred, and as stated on, "Fred is one mean looking insect, the go-lucky demon and the fat penguin are TOAST!".
FreeBsdFreeBsd mascotThe proper name is just "BSD Daemon". Those insisting on a name call him "Beastie", likely a phonetic pronunciation of BSD (BeeS Dee). The copyright of the BSD Daemon is held by Marshall Kirk McKusick. The current popular version of BSD Daemon was drawn by animation director John Lasseter on March 22, 1988.
TrustedBSDTrustedBSD mascotTrustedBSD Daemon Copyright 2000 by Leigh Denault. All rights reserved.
BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick. All rights reserved.
DarwinDarwin mascotHexley was designed and copyrighted by Jon Hooper, and you can see Hexley in various poses at:
Plan9Plan9 mascotNamed Glenda, drew by Renée French. See also The unofficial home of the Plan 9 Bunny and Glenda, the Plan 9 Bunny, for more information.
MinixMinix mascotThe Raccoon mascot was named Rocky Raccoon by Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum. A raccoon was chosen because raccoons are small, agile, intelligent, friendly – and best of all – eat bugs (at least, when there are no garbage cans available). And, being cute doesn't hurt either.
MikeOSMikeOS mascot[ version]
L4KaL4Ka mascot
CapROSCapROS mascot
NexentaNexenta mascotfrom
JavaJava mascotWhen Sun announced that Java SE and Java ME would be released under a free software license (the GNU General Public License), they released the Duke graphics under the free BSD license at the same time. More information on the Duke Project Home Page. Duke was originally created by Joe Palrang to be the "agent" for the Green Project at Sun. Duke became the Java mascot when Java technology was first announced, right around the same time that the first Java cup logo was commissioned.
KDEKDE mascotKonqi, other logo can be found at
basiliskbasilisk mascot
LLVMLLVM mascotThe LLVM logo is a stylized wyvern (a kind of dragon). Dragons have connotations of power, speed and intelligence, and can also be sleek, elegant, and modular (err, maybe not). In addition, there is a series of influential compiler books going back to 1977 which featured dragons on the cover.
DragonEggDragonEgg mascot
GimpGimp mascotWilber was created on September 25, 1997, by Tuomas Kuosmanen.
Ogre3dOgre3d mascot
BitTyrantBitTyrant mascot
VRaptorVRaptor mascot
MozillaMozilla mascot
PerlPerl mascotThis image is not free, it comes from O'reilly, and you must acknowledge of its trademark status and put a link to, as described on
CamelBonesCamelBones mascot
CamlCaml mascot
CamelboxCamelbox mascot
SophieSophie mascot
LatexLatex mascot
PostGreSQLPostGreSQL mascot
HadoopHadoop mascotOthers derived mascots can be found on Hadoop's SVN repository
GnuzillaGnuzilla mascot
ZebraZebra mascot[]
StampedeStampede mascot
DTraceDTrace mascotmore info about DTrace Pony.
EMuleEMule mascot
CaribooCariboo mascot
WapitiWapiti mascot
Org-ModeOrg-Mode mascot
WindowMakerWindowMaker mascotnamed Amanda and created by Agnieszka Czajkowska
FirefoxFirefox mascot
KitsuneKitsune mascotnamed Bertrand and it is under a WTFPL license
FoxyProxyFoxyProxy mascot
Monkey BubbleMonkey Bubble mascotfrom
Free PascalFree Pascal mascot
DsniffDsniff mascot
sguilsguil mascot
MonoMono mascot
TempleetTempleet mascotmade by Alexis Younes (Ayo73)
Mongrel2Mongrel2 mascot
PugsPugs mascot
LguestLguest mascot
Puppy LinuxPuppy Linux mascot
BeagleBeagle mascot
TomcatTomcat mascotTomcat, apache project
FelixFelix mascot
KatKat mascotKawaii, which means "cute" in Japanese, was created by Roberto Cappuccio.
IceCatIceCat mascot
XCBXCB mascot
thttpdthttpd mascotnamed Bill the Cat, drawn by Anatole Shaw, comes from User Friendly
Lunar LinuxLunar Linux mascot
LinaLina mascot[]
RabbITRabbIT mascot
aMuleaMule mascot
C-jdbcC-jdbc mascot
CastorCastor mascotfrom []
HedinuxHedinux mascotnamed Hed
NuFWNuFW mascotnamed Nupik
TapiirTapiir mascot
SnortSnort mascot
PigPig mascot
WorkraveWorkrave mascot
monotonemonotone mascot
PostfixPostfix mascot
XfceXfce mascotnamed Xue. Also from the FAQ, it's a mouse, obviously, for all kinds of reasons like world domination and monsters and such.
RatRat mascotfrom
RatpoisonRatpoison mascot
SquirrelmailSquirrelmail mascot
KSquirrelKSquirrel mascot
SpipSpip mascot
BaculaBacula mascot
HopHop mascot
AlternCAlternC mascot
PidginPidgin mascot
CoqCoq mascot
OraluxOralux mascot
ParrotParrot mascot
PinbaPinba mascot
pykotapykota mascot
RSSOwlRSSOwl mascot mascotIt looks like more like a logo than a mascot ... but the (sea)gull IS the official's mascot
XWikiXWiki mascotfrom New project logo doesn't have Albatross
GromacsGromacs mascotPeregrine image is copyrighted Mike Langman/Pica Design
HTCondorHTCondor mascot
openMosixopenMosix mascot
PmwPmw mascot
PapyrusPapyrus mascot
FirebirdFirebird mascot
TukaaniTukaani mascot
ToucanToucan mascot
SunbirdSunbird mascot
ThunderbirdThunderbird mascot
SongbirdSongbird mascotproject discontinued
NightingaleNightingale mascot
OpenswanOpenswan mascot
RsbacRsbac mascot
AlphaLinuxAlphaLinux mascot
ScilabScilab mascotIt was designed by Dr. HU Baogang
AdiumxAdiumx mascot
pyCoinCoinpyCoinCoin mascot
pyClamAVpyClamAV mascot
pympdpympd mascot mascot
PythonPython mascotIt looks like more like a logo than a mascot ... but the snake IS the python's mascot, guess why ...
openSUSEopenSUSE mascotis a veiled chameleon officially named, "GEEKO" (portmanteau of "Gecko" and "geek")
TortoiseCVSTortoiseCVS mascotnamed Charlie. His full name is Charlie Vernon Smythe (CVS).
KameKame mascot
HylaFAXHylaFAX mascot
HylaHyla mascot[]
OkopipiOkopipi mascotThis mascot is dead
FramakeyFramakey mascotmade by Alexis Younes (Ayo73)
JonasJonas mascot
YaCyYaCy mascotnamed Kaskelix, designed by Thomas Quella.
DockerDocker mascot
FreeDOSFreeDOS mascot
BluefishBluefish mascot
GambasGambas mascot
FuguFugu mascot
ShiiraShiira mascotdesigned by Niram+Nunca who is a member of Shiira staff. Shiira is the Japanese word for dolphin fish (not the same as the mammal dolphin).
ClownixClownix mascot
flowplayerflowplayer mascot
IchthuxIchthux mascot
GlassFishGlassFish mascot
FishFish mascot
JoomFishJoomFish mascot
WiresharkWireshark mascot
MysqlMysql mascotThe dolphin symbol in the MySQL logo was given the Swazi name Sakila.
WebGUIWebGUI mascotGooey is the WebGUI mascot. He is a purple octopus. Gooey is a creation of the WebGUI community. He was created by Darci Gibson, an artist from California. She submitted him as part of a community determined contest along with 50 or so other entries. After the WebGUI community chose the octopus as the mascot, they also came up with a list of names for him, and then conducted a poll to see which name was the most popular. The result of all of this community effort is our mascot, Gooey.
txt2tagstxt2tags mascotnamed Octus
HyHy mascotnamed cuddles
SquidSquid mascot
FireFTPFireFTP mascot
PaXPaX mascot
GrisbiGrisbi mascot
K3bK3b mascotmade by Alexis Younes (Ayo73)
Frozen BubbleFrozen Bubble mascotmade by Alexis Younes (Ayo73)
Frozen Bubble2Frozen Bubble2 mascotmade by Alexis Younes (Ayo73)
GobolinuxGobolinux mascot
GoblinXGoblinX mascotnamed Goblix
MandrivaMandriva mascot
EkigaEkiga mascot
WiiLiWiiLi mascot
PaparazziPaparazzi mascot
SpiderSpider mascot
CairoCairo mascotlogo created by Richard D. Worth and licenced under the following license
MerdMerd mascot
FindBugsFindBugs mascot
BugzillaBugzilla mascot
Dunc-BankDunc-Bank mascot
the Month of PHP Bugsthe Month of PHP Bugs mascot
FirebugFirebug mascot
MantisMantis mascot
PradoPrado mascot
OpenERPOpenERP mascot
PHProjektPHProjekt mascot
BitlBeeBitlBee mascot
ParasiteParasite mascot
OpenLDAPOpenLDAP mascot
DatejsDatejs mascot
DrupalDrupal mascot
MediaGoblinMediaGoblin mascotnamed Gavroche, the adorable goblin mascot of the GNU MediaGoblin
176 mascots listed.

Here's some derived mascots made from the original Linux one. Some of them were found on The LWN Penguin Gallery, which contains many more penguin than here, but I only put free mascots which represent free software and opensource related projects.

SlackwareSlackware mascot
SlackintoshSlackintosh mascot
NSLU2-LinuxNSLU2-Linux mascot
Linux/mac68kLinux/mac68k mascot
LinuxBIOSLinuxBIOS mascotThis mascot is dead
TuxMediaTuxMedia mascot
syscalltrackersyscalltracker mascot
Linux Virtual ServerLinux Virtual Server mascot
PhlakPhlak mascot
Linux Unified Zoran DriverLinux Unified Zoran Driver mascot
Linux Lighting GroupLinux Lighting Group mascot
Kernel JanitorsKernel Janitors mascotDead?
Kernel NewbiesKernel Newbies mascot
ProméthéeProméthée mascot
PLFPLF mascotmade by David Caron
The Linux CounterThe Linux Counter
FolkFolk mascot
Linux Weekly NewsLinux Weekly News mascot
Linux Intrusion Detection SystemLinux Intrusion Detection System mascot
UltraLinuxUltraLinux mascot
Agfa ePhoto 307 Linux SoftwareAgfa ePhoto 307 Linux Software mascot
Tux GamesTux Games mascot
JailbaitJailbait mascot
gPSgPS mascot
LinuxFrom ScratchLinuxFrom Scratch mascot
JustLinux - Base de données de recherche d'articles : Linux Magazine - Linux Pratique - M.I.S.CJustLinux - Base de données de recherche d'articles : Linux Magazine - Linux Pratique - M.I.S.C mascot
OscarOscar mascot
HP Linux Imaging and PrintingHP Linux Imaging and Printing mascot
gpsdgpsd mascot
TrustixTrustix mascot
Linux Test ProjectLinux Test Project mascot
AsturLiNUXAsturLiNUX mascot
Phoenix LUGPhoenix LUG mascot
Sacramento LUGSacramento LUG mascot
Capital Federal LUGCapital Federal LUG mascot
Scottish LUGScottish LUG mascot
Tri-city LUGTri-city LUG mascot
Kansas City LUGKansas City LUG mascot
Venezuela LUGVenezuela LUG mascot
Association Bordelaise de Logiciels libresAssociation Bordelaise de Logiciels libres mascot
Pompeu LUGPompeu LUG mascot
LinuxArvenneLinuxArvenne mascot
Pau Logiciel Libre AssociationPau Logiciel Libre Association mascot
RotomaLUGRotomaLUG mascot
BulmaBulma mascot
ChtinuxChtinux mascot
LugmoeLugmoe mascot
GnusquetairesGnusquetaires mascot
49 mascots listed.

Here's some Puffy derived mascots.

OpenSSHOpenSSH mascot
OpenBGPDOpenBGPD mascot
OpenNTPDOpenNTPD mascot
OpenCVSOpenCVS mascot
OpenSMTPDOpenSMTPD mascot
OpenIKEDOpenIKED mascot
LibreSSLLibreSSL mascot
7 mascots listed.

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