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On this page you will see some docs. Please note that all docs are in french.


Many softwares on Hp48 / Hp49 are freeware, but only few of them are released under the GNU General Public License. Here is some of them.

My softwares

Here's some of my softs related to the Hp48/Hp49. They're all released under the GNU General Public License .
  • Hpang is an adaptation of an old game.
  • Uncoder is a desassemblor, it works on GNU/Linux.
  • Kasm2 is an assemblor created from kasm. Still in early developpement !!.

Other GPL Project/Software

Here's some other stuffs, that I don't wrote and that I think they're really interesting.
Note : Some of these pages are in French.

Games (Doom-like)

  • Project Doom by HpFool. The author has not got enough time to continue the project.
  • Hl-Hp by Madchrist. The author is still developping it. Futhermore, the author is also developping others GPL game like Tetrinet.


  • WinSOS is a project that aims to create a multitasking OS, by yBr.
  • Uzinagaz is an implementation of the TCP/IP stack on Hp48 / Hp49, by Samuel Thibault. It's used with another softs to browse the web or fetch your mail. Really impressive.


  • Xeno SDK is an SDK working under Linux, by vbl and Hyde. The authors has not got enough time to continue the project.
  • Masd Mod is an Emacs mode for MASD (the most usefull ML compiler on Hp48 / Hp49), by yBr. So with this mode you can have a syntax colorized editor for programming.
  • Kasm is a MASD like syntax compiler.


  • Emu48 was originally created by Sébastien Carlier, now it's maintened by Christoph Gießelink. The latest version of Emu48 can emulate a HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, HP48SX, HP48GX and a HP49G. The emulator is running on all Win32 platforms, but not on Linux for instance.
  • x48 was written by Eddie C. Dost (version 0.4.0) and Michelle Getz (version 0.4.1e). It can emulate a HP48SX or a HP48GX only, but works on Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, and Linux.
  • Saturn was written by Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti. Although called 'Poor-man's' it can emulate a HP48GX, HP49, and HP40 and works on Digital UNIX, Solaris, Debian Linux, Ultrix, and IRIX.


  • HPCAS is a free Computer Algebra System for the HP49G, HP40G, HP49G+ and HP48GII calculators, by Bernard Parisse.


  • HPlanetarium is an astronomy software, for HP48 (G, GX, ii) and HP49 (G, G+) by Khanh-Dang.

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