Nodupes can detect duplicate files on your hard drive, and even on your CD (or whatever removable disc). Read a complete description here.
It works but can be greatly improved.

Nodupes GUI : GTKtalog-nodupes

Nodupes did not have any Graphical User Interface (GUI). One day, I found GTKtalog, a great tool to make disk catalog: you can use it to create a really small database with images of files and directories of your CDs.
So, I add the "detect duplicate files" feature to GTKtalog : GTKtalog-nodupes was born.
In the future, I think I will not continue/maintain the first version of nodupes, because GTKtalog already have the right GUI that nodupes will never have.

Known limitations

  • GTKtalog-nodupes can only use his own catalog format, not the old one created by GTKtalog.
  • GTKtalog-nodupes prints duplicate files on stdout, not in GUI.
  • GTKtalog-nodupes can only check duplicate files on an already saved catalog.

Download Nodupes

You can download nodupes here.
You can also download the patch to make GTKtalog-nodupes from GTKtalog here.

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